Munro Stories

From a favourite hill climb, view or an inspiring experience, Scotland’s mountains have special meaning to many. Read the Munro stories below to discover what others are saying about Scotland’s landscapes.

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On annual winter meets over the last 10 years we have made good use of the footpaths on the Mar Lodge Estate to access the many fine Munros of the South Cairngorms, and we very much appreciate the good work of the footpaths repair team in this wonderful but challenging environment.

- Mar Lodge Veterans


On the 3rd of October 2015 me my dad and my west highland terrier abi set out on an adventure to climb Ben macdui !!we left early in the morning to get a good start to the day we had a map and lots of yummy snacks , the day started of quit hazy in the air but as the day went on it cleared up , we saw beautiful deer and stag ,my dads love for wildlife is scary sometimes because he puts his self in situations he really shouldn’t ,wanting to get closer to the stag for photos I stood back as I watched him edge closer and closer ,my heart was about to jump out ,but the joy that he has for the fresh air and wildlife and hiking nothing stops him ,was a close encounter but he was fine we made are way through the beautiful scenery and paths , sharing great conversation and laughs abi was just happy to be out in the mountains she loves it and she sticks by my side no matter what even in the face of my dad encounters with wildlife she is a very loyal brave dog ,we got to the top of Ben macdui where the sky’s were crystal clear and all I could think was how beautiful a planet we have , we came across a old reckage of a plane and later read the sad story about it !! When we finished are lunch we made are way back but as I was sitting thinking what more could a daughter ask for to have her dad, the beautiful weather great conversation and amazing mountains with her loyal companion beside her !! One amazing day I won’t forget mountains are not just about conquering sometimes it who you conquer them with and the journey on the way not just reaching the top but embracing the moments on the way .

- Adventure Ben macdui


On the 10th of September my dog Gracie and i climbed our first munro. It was a beautiful sunny day and Schiehallion was spectacular as were the views. This was the biggest challenge i had taken on since being diagnosed with MS 5 years ago. I had rescued Gracie from the streets of Romania in Sept 2015, a timid, traumatised girl with big sad eyes. Here she was now trotting happily up the mountainside with not a care in the world enjoying her new adventure. What a joy it was when we reached the top and achieved our goal but then we had the descent! I struggled the majority of the way and even took a tumble but Gracie never left my side ( sometimes i wonder who rescued who!) My steps were slow and at times painful and i wondered if i would ever reach the bottom but the fairy mountain nudged me along and we finally made it as the sun began to set. Schiehallion you gave us a wonderful day – thank you. But this would not have been possible without the footpaths. So please donate to the Footpath Fund

- Ailsa


Watch some of my walks x

- Lisa Craig

For thirty lovely years I walked many miles over and up Scotland’s hills and mountains. After I retired some twenty years ago I joined a hillwalking group of other retirees, made new friends and discovered it wasn’t essential to “get to the top” to achieve that unique feeling of peace that comes with having seen and shared beautiful places with like minded friends. I therefore became a donor as a thank you to all who toil for our benefit, and to help save our special places. It occurs to me that a “mail drop” to all the mountaineering and hillwalking groups in Scotland might reach the hearts of many who may be unaware of your organisation and thus help the fundraising?

- Edith

I have just been walking in Torridon with my daughter. The weather was gorgeous and it reminded me of when I walked there 20 years ago in a heatwave. At the time I was four months pregnant with her and on the top of Liathach we created shade from the sun with rucksacks piled on the cairn. Time has gone so fast! But it is great to share my love of munros with my daughter. Oh and the paths are just amazing!

- Angela


Torridon is one of Scotland’s greatest glories. Beinn Alligin in particular is a mountain for all, with stunning views out to sea and towards the other giants of Torridon, many of which are harder days than the walk up Beinn Alligin. It is so good that the Footpath Fund has been used to create a firm line up Tom na Gruagaich. The view over the Horns of Alligin from Sgurr Mhor gives great pleasure and a reward for attaining the summit.

- Julian


I climbed my first Munro Schiehallion in May 2016. It was was rainy, windy and hail to start with, and our group almost turned back. Then our Scottish weather at its best decided to change and the sun smiled down on us. Quartz rocks all around the mountain were sparkling. At the summit (when I eventually reached it) a magical rainbow appeared below me. It was the most magical mountain moment with more rainbows on the way back down. It certainly was a fairy hill that day! I loved every moment of it. You can read the full story and see more photos on my wee blog.  I already donate to the National Trust for Scotland and the Footpath Fund. If the paths were not there for us many might not explore, and we can’t have that in our beautiful Scotland!

- Dawn-Marie

Evening rain and sun over Gleann Lichd in front  of the Five Sisters of Kintail-57c07b60266fe

I use the footpaths regularly and get huge enjoyment from where they take me, so it is only fair that I contribute to their upkeep. This view was taken last Saturday, 20 August, early evening as we were descending Ciste Dhubh into Gleann Lichd, with the Five Sisters of Kintail behind, at the end of a long but satisfying day ticking off the 4 Munros on the North Sheil Ridge, brilliantly led by the local NTS Ranger. The rain reached us not long after the photo was taken!

- Fiona T


Buachaille Etive Mor looking spectacular as the sun sets at Glencoe. @howden_j

- Jamie

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